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  Anden historie og omtale
  St Kbh HumanitŠre Fond
Odd Fellow PalŠet  - in the heart of Copenhagen
The beautiful old Odd Fellow PalŠ has always been used as the setting for both cultural and businesslike funktions. - Which is only natural, as Odd Fellow PalŠet centrally situated in the centre af Copenhagen
- The size of the function is up to you, as PalŠet offers both large and small premises
- Futhermore, based on its wide experience PalŠet's restaurant will be able to advise you with respect to culinary functions.
A function in Odd Fellow PalŠet will quite naturally create extra attention because of its history and facilities.
Walking distance to many of the large hotels in the city centre. Good parking facilities close by for evening and weekend funktions
Ideal for both businesslike, cultural and private functions. A classic atmosphere which will also be appreciated by forign guests and fill them with enthusiasm.
The facilities are especially suitable for conferesces, seminars or exhibitions.
Today PalŠet's Concert Hall is unique in Denmark ! The Concert Hall has 210 seats and perfect acoustics.
Facilities which makes it ideal for e.g. DÚbut concerts and other concert and/or solo performances. Odd Fellow PalŠet and Bach Recording - a record studio in Bredgade 6 - have enteredinto a co-operation which makes it possible - with the help from new tecnology - to "pass" a solo, chamber as well as an orchestra recording  through the ADSL-cable. 
Stage with a new B÷sendorfer concert grand. This gives some immediate advantages production-wise recording Cd's.
Should you need further information or a tour of the PalŠ, please contakt:
Kirsten Halberg, tlf. +45 33 24 48 46, Mobil +45 51 55 55 48